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Yoga Nidra

FREE: Self-Mastery Series - On Demand (FSMSOD)


On Demand

with Kamini Desai, Ph.D.

Exploring the Body/Mind Connection

What do you say to yourself every day? Do you know that your body hears it?

Join me as we explore how the posture of the body reflects the posture of the mind. Drawing on teachings from both the East and West you will understand some of the core body/mind connections and will have a chance to “read” what your own body might be saying to you.

• Learn to listen to the language of the body
• Explore the body/mind connection as it relates to you
• Experience elements of a “psychosomatic” body scan
• Gain insight into the deeper meaning of physical conditions and imbalances and what they might be telling you.

Relationships as Yogic Practice

We often think of yoga as something that happens on a yoga mat. But the real test is when life puts you in an awkward posture. Relationships – whether as a couple, parent, child, sibling or colleague- are the place where we are most often called to practice off the mat.

How can use the various relationships in our life as a yogic practice? Join me as we explore some of the themes in my book, “Life Lessons, Love Lessons”:

• How can I approach the way I relate to friends, family and coworkers as a yoga pose?
• How can I practice the principles of yoga without compromising myself?
• How do I know when it is time to move on?
• How can I better connect with my inner knowing?

Freedom From Anxiety

Empower yourself, your students and clients to create calm in the chaos. Learn how to build your vagal tone.

As stress grows, so do the symptoms of Anxiety. Join us for this free session as we explore some of the tools of Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra and breathwork to aid the symptoms of anxiety and build vagal tone. Ideal for those suffering from physical and emotional overwhelm as well as Yoga Therapists, Yoga Nidra Facilitators, Yoga teachers, and counselors serving those who are struggling with these and related issues. Includes experiential components.

• Tips for short-circuiting acute anxiety
• How Yoga Nidra builds immunity to anxiety
• Best types of breathing techniques for anxiety
• How to stack Yoga, Breathwork and Yoga Nidra practices for optimal benefit


    Learn more about Kamini Desai, Ph.D at https://www.kaminidesai.com/
  • Video - Recorded 1/24/2023 - Mind Body Connection
  • Video - Recorded 3/21/2023 - Relationships as Yogic Practice
  • Video - Recorded 5/23/2023 - Freedom from Anxiety
  • Video - Recorded 9/19/2023 - Impulse Control and Yoga Nidra
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